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In the last 12 years running this site, I have seen how Amazon has revolutionized the way we read with its innovative digital reading solutions, and its most compelling offerings are Prime Reading and First Reads. These services, free for Amazon Prime members, provides access to a vast library of eBooks, digital magazines, comics, and more. They work seamlessly across various platforms, including Kindle devices and mobile apps, making each a highly flexible and convenient option for avid readers. The available content spans numerous genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone. In this post, let’s delve into the details of Prime Reading and First Reads, and how you, as an Amazon Prime user, can utilize your Prime membership to enhance your reading experience.

What is Prime Reading?


Prime Reading, a service on Amazon, provides an impressive collection of books, magazines, and more that you can access for free as part of your Prime membership. Available to all Amazon Prime members, Prime Reading offers a rotating library of over a thousand books, along with magazines, comics, and more. These resources are available to read at no additional cost on any device that supports the Kindle app.

How does Prime Reading work?

You can access Prime Reading’s library through the Kindle app on your phone, tablet, or Kindle device. Just click on the Prime Reading section, and you instantly have a world of reading at your fingertips. Choose from popular books, magazines, comics, and even audible narrated books. Moreover, you can borrow up to 10 titles at a time with no due dates, offering you the freedom to read at your own pace.

Prime Reading is a treasure trove for avid readers and casual bookworms alike. This service enhances the value of your Prime membership by offering access to an ever-changing library of books and more, all at your fingertips.

How do I Access Prime Reading

Prime Reading is quite straightforward to access. All you need is a device that supports the Kindle app. This could be your Kindle E-reader, Fire tablet, or a smartphone or tablet with the Kindle app installed. From your device, navigate to the Kindle Store and select Prime Reading. Here, you’ll find a wide range of reading material available for your perusal. The selection is constantly updated, so there’s always something new to discover. Top magazines are available, too, covering a wide range of interests.

What Kind of Reads Can I Find on Prime Reading?

EBooks & Magazines

The service boasts a diverse range of genres and formats, ensuring there’s something for every reader. Whether you’re a fan of mystery novels, love a good self-help book, or crave the latest issues of popular magazines, Prime Reading has got you covered. Popular titles like ‘Harry Potter’ and Pulitzer-winning ‘The Color Purple’ have been featured in the past.

Audible Books on Prime Reading

In addition to books and magazines, Prime Reading also offers users access to a selection of audible books and comics. The audible books range from bestsellers to classics, providing a great option for those who prefer to listen to their content. Comics enthusiasts will also find a plethora of well-loved titles, from Marvel to indie offerings. The service has also made a significant push in recent years to include a variety of children’s books, making it a fantastic resource for family reading. Furthermore, Prime Reading features a selection of educational and non-fiction material, including travel guides, cookbooks, and business books. With such an extensive variety, Prime Reading truly has something for everyone.

The selection truly is diverse and caters to a variety of tastes. From best-selling novels to gripping thrillers, from self-help books to compelling biographies, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest. The selection is rotated regularly, so new options are always appearing.

How much does Prime Reading cost?

Actually, Prime Reading comes at no additional cost! Prime Reading is included in your Amazon Prime membership. Thus, for the annual or monthly price of your Prime membership, you get access to the entire Prime Reading library in addition to the other perks of Prime. The Amazon Prime membership is $139 per year or $14.99 per month right now but that is subject to change. Given the value that Prime Reading offers, it’s an excellent perk for those who enjoy reading.

Prime Reading vs Kindle Unlimited

Prime Reading should not be confused with Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s other book service. While both offer a vast selection of titles, Kindle Unlimited has a larger library but comes at an additional cost of $11.99 per month. Prime Reading, on the other hand, offers fewer titles but is included with your Prime membership at no additional cost.

While both Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited are services offered by Amazon, they cater to slightly different reading needs. Kindle Unlimited gives its subscribers access to over one million titles, whereas Prime Reading, free with your Prime membership, offers a rotating selection of over a thousand books.

As you can see, Kindle Unlimited’s library vastly overshadows that of Prime Reading, making it a better option for voracious readers who crave a virtually limitless supply of reading material. Prime Reading may appeal to casual readers who are content with a moderately sized, yet diverse collection of books. Additionally, Prime Reading offers the advantage of being part of the wider suite of Prime benefits, including Prime Video, Prime Music, and free two-day shipping, among others. In terms of device compatibility, both services are similar, allowing access via any device that supports the Kindle app. You can read on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Kindle E-reader.

The decision between Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited largely hinges on your reading habits, the frequency with which you read, and whether you’re already a Prime member. While both offer a vast array of reading material, Kindle Unlimited provides access to over one million titles and is a separate service that comes at an additional cost. In contrast, Prime Reading’s smaller collection is included in your Prime membership at no extra charge.

First Reads: Another Can’t Miss Prime Benefit

First Reads is another benefit for Prime members. This program gives members early access to editors’ picks from Amazon Publishing. Every month, Prime members can download one (sometimes two) of six pre-release books for free chosen by Amazon’s team of editors and carefully handpicked to span a variety of books in various genres, from mystery and thriller to romance and historical fiction. These books are not yet released to the general public, giving First Reads members the privilege of being among the first to read and review them.

This program serves as a win-win situation for both authors and readers. Authors gain visibility and initial reviews for their work, while readers get an opportunity to explore new books ahead of others. First Reads is a testament to Amazon’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant reading culture by providing its members with diverse reading options and unique benefits. Take advantage of this perk and dive into a new adventure every month with First Reads.

Bottom Line: Amazon Prime is Great for Readers

Amazon Prime presents an enticing proposition for book lovers across the spectrum. From thrill-seeking mystery lovers to those who relish getting lost in the pages of a captivating romance, Prime reading offers a diverse selection of books that cater to all tastes and preferences. With the First Reads program, receiving early access to prospective best-sellers provides a unique opportunity to stay ahead in the literary world. This, combined with the capacity to choose one Kindle book each month for free, and purchase others at a discounted price, creates a winning scenario for all bookworms.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, I think it’s also important to acknowledge the value-added benefits of Prime membership – Prime Video, Prime Music, and free two-day shipping. These perks enrich the Amazon Prime offering, transforming it into more than just a haven for book lovers, but a comprehensive lifestyle package. Therefore, for book enthusiasts seeking a vast, diverse, and ever-changing library at their fingertips, along with a host of additional benefits, an Amazon Prime membership is the way forward. It’s not just a service – it’s an investment in a world of literature that’s constantly at your disposal. So, to all book lovers out there, take the plunge into the Prime universe – your next favorite read awaits! 📚 😍

Amazon Prime Reading

From thrill-seeking mystery lovers to those who relish getting lost in the pages of a captivating romance, Prime reading offers a diverse selection of books that cater to all tastes and preferences. Free for Prime members! Check out the incredible selection of eBooks available now.

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