Advertising Program Terms

The following Terms and Conditions outline the minimum eligibility requirements to participate in the eReaderPerks Advertising Program.

  1. Book Pricing: Your book must be free or extremely discounted (at least 50%). The maximum discounted price we can accept is $2.99 and it must be a limited-time offer. Sorry, no permafree books.
  2. Availability: Your book must be available with at least one of our merchants: Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Google and/or Apple. Preference will be given to books on multiple sites.
  3. Ratings/Reviews: We have no set number of reviews or ratings. Preference will be given to authors/books that have been critically reviewed/award nominated by reputable sites.
  4. Repeats: We always try to provide fresh deals to our readers. Consequently, we can only consider an eligible book for sponsorship once every six months.
  5. Genres: Your book must make sense in one of our 29 fiction and non-fiction genres: Action & Adventure, African American Fiction, Chick Lit, Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Kids, LGBT, Literary, Mystery Thriller & Suspense, Religious Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Teen and Young Adult, Women’s Fiction, Advice & How-to, Biography, Business, Cooking, Crafts Hobbies & Home, History, Humor, Parenting, Politics, Science & Reference, Spirituality, Travel, True Crime.
  6. Our Advertising Program is available to authors and publishers only.
  7. Advertising rate is based on category.
  8. The book cover graphic cannot exceed 400×600 pixels, 100kb for the main listing, 180×280, 100kb for the latest deals listing.
  9. Graphics must be well-designed and free from offensive content. If you need a cover designer, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a list of people we have worked with in the past. Our referrals are not endorsements, however, so please do your own due diligence when selecting a designer.
  10. Payment, images, and promotion date must be submitted by you and received by us at least five days prior to run date. No exceptions.
  11. Ad Change Fee: Any ad change after approval will require a $10.00 Ad Change Fee. Ad changes include, but are not limited to, dates and/or design changes of any kind.
  12. Refund Policy: You may request and receive a refund at any time up until we have approved your ad and confirmed run date for your advertisement. If you have a last-minute date change on your promotion, we will try to accommodate it by showing your advertisement on a different date, space permitting and with the appropriate additional Ad Change Fee paid, but cannot guarantee we will be able to do so. In the case of website outage, we will provide refunds only if the outage exceeds sixty minutes within the 24-hour advertising period.
  13. Meeting minimum program requirements does not guarantee placement or results. We carefully review every submission, and will do our best to accept advertisements we feel will be a good fit for our readers. This careful screening gives our authors the very best opportunity for a successful promotion. However, actual results are impossible to predict and are therefore never guaranteed.
  14. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason whatsoever.

If you think your book is a good match for our program, please submit your book deal here, and we will be in touch promptly.