Reaching beyond Boundaries
By Don Mann
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A bestselling inspirational and motivational guide by decorated Team Six SEAL member Don Mann! "A critical volume in any leadership library." (Vincent Valvo, CEO of American Business Media)
Nearing Home
By Billy Graham
$1.99 $12.99
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Join Billy Graham in this New York Times bestselling, award-winning memoir as he reflects upon his life, recounts God's many gifts, and shares the challenges of fading bodily strength while still standing strong in his commitment to finish life well.
Categories: Spirituality, Biography
Sweetie...Squeeze Your Cheeks!
By Jennifer Tiras
$0.99 $8.99
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A candid memoir with helpful advice and how-tos for all parents by Early Childhood Development pro Jennifer Tiras! "Definitely recommend this book to parents of kids of all ages!" (Mom Reads and Reviews)
Categories: Parenting, Humor, Biography
A Death in Canaan
By Joan Barthel
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A gripping true crime murder mystery and an intimate portrait of the loyalties, resentments, and secrets lurking beneath the placid surface of quiet towns across America, A Death in Canaan is a masterpiece of “first-class journalism” (The New York Times).
Categories: True Crime, History
The Deadly Dozen
By Robert Keller
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Shocking true-crime stories by bestselling award-winning journalist Robert Keller! (Over 3300 four- and five-star reviews on Amazon)
Exile War
By Bowen Greenwood
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Epic adventure set in space, martial artistry and deep back story make this a space opera of interplanetary proportions by bestselling author Bowen Greenwood.
A Little More Dead
By Sean Thomas Fisher
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A post-apocalyptic zombie thriller with unique twists by New York Times bestselling author Sean Thomas Fisher!
Categories: Horror
The Iron Dragon`s Daughter
By Michael Swanwick
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A New York Times Notable Book by multi-award winning author Michael Swanwick! “Combining cyberpunk’s grit with dystopic fantasy, this iconoclastic hybrid is a standout piece of storytelling.” (Library Journal).
Categories: Fantasy
Summer Magic
By T.M. Cromer
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A funny, clever paranormal fantasy by bestselling, multi-award winning author T. M. Cromer! "An entertaining novel which will keep readers laughing from the first page to the end." (InD'Tale Magazine Review)
Categories: Fantasy