Advertising Program Overview

We help good reads find an audience and now we can give your book an even bigger promotional boost with our paid advertising program! If you are promoting a free or paid book ($2.99 or less) and would like to get your book in front of readers who are excited to hear about it, then please get in touch. We will review your book for possible inclusion in the eReaderPerks advertising program.

Here are the details you need to get started:

Program Overview

We’ve tried to keep it simple. If your book is a good fit for our paid advertising program, we’ll invite you to become an advertising partner for the day. We will market your book in our newsletter through a well-designed display ad as well as on our website in both the Latest eBook Deals listings and a special dedicated book promo page.

Latest eBook Deals Listing

This Latest eBook Deals listing will include the image, pricing, a blurb we will write, category, and links to all available merchants:

Newsletter Listing

Your book will also appear in our newsletter in the category you select. We will display your image, book description, category, and pricing in our newsletter for your selected genre like this:

Program Availability

There are a limited number of spots available per day and will be assigned to the first eligible sponsor who is accepted into our advertising program. In other words, first come, first served.

It’s our mission to your book noticed, downloaded, read and reviewed. To that end, we will accept a maximum of two advertising partners per subgenre per day to give each book the best possible chance at a successful promotion.

Program Eligibility

Before you submit your book for review, please note the following minimum program requirements:

  1. Book Pricing: Your book must be temporarily free or extremely discounted (at least 50%). The maximum discounted price we can accept is $2.99 and it must be a limited-time offer. Sorry, no permafree books.
  2. Availability: Your book must be available with at least one of our merchants: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google, Apple and Kobo. Preference will be given to books on multiple sites.
  3. Ratings/Reviews: We have no set number of reviews or ratings. Preference will be given to books that have been critically reviewed/award nominated by reputable sites.
  4. Repeats: We always try to provide fresh deals to our readers. Consequently, we can only accept an eligible book for sponsorship once every six months.
  5. Genres: Your book must make sense in one of our 29 fiction and non-fiction genres:  Action & Adventure, African American Fiction, Chick Lit, Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Kids, LGBTQ+, Literary, Mystery Thriller & Suspense, Religious Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Teen and Young Adult, Women’s Fiction, Advice & How-to, Biography, Business, Cooking, Crafts Hobbies & Home, History, Humor, Parenting, Politics, Science & Reference, Spirituality, Travel, True Crime.

Here’s a link to the complete Terms and Conditions for our Advertising Program. Please be sure to review our terms carefully before submitting your book for consideration.

Ready to submit your book for review? Here’s the link for that: Submit Your Book Deal.