By Rochelle Alers
$1.99 $8.49
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A heartfelt romance by bestselling, multi-award winning author Rochelle Alers! Surrounded by tabloid scandal, grasping relatives and friends with hidden agendas, Seneca wonders if anything can be trusted, even her own heart….
Six Easy Pieces
By Walter Mosley
$1.99 $12.99
Limited Time Offer!
A thrilling anthology by New York Times bestselling, multi-award-winning author Walter Mosley! "(A) taut collection....Mosley returns to his first and perhaps finest creation: Easy Rawlins." (USA Today)
A Madaris Bride for Christmas
By Brenda Jackson
$1.99 $8.99
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An unforgettable holiday romance by New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson! "Has all the great elements of a good story - passion, romance, suspense, drama, family issues and great secondary characters." (Fresh Fiction)
Secret Obsession
By Kimberla Lawson Roby
$0.99 $5.99
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An engaging thriller by New York Times bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby! "Kimberla Lawson Roby has a knack for writing suspenseful, page-turning stories ... A must-read for fiction thriller fans."(TheRoot.com)
Whispers of War
By Naomi Finley
$0.99 $7.99
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Book #3 in The Livingston Legacy series by award-winning author Naomi Finley! A story filled to the brim with devotion, courage, and perseverance during an era of turmoil and revolution.
Return to Hoodoo
By Reggi Dupree
$0.99 $4.99
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Return to Hoodoo is the hilarious first book of the Boudin, Bourbon, and Barbecue, a paranormal women’s fiction series by bestselling author Reggi Dupree! If you like a dash of romance with your bawdy broads and nutty friends and family, then you’ll love this captivating supernatural thriller.
The Bittersweet Bride
By Vanessa Riley
$0.99 $6.99
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A well-drawn historical romance by bestselling, award-winning author Vanessa Riley! "Charms, entertains, delights, and, best of all, satisfies my craving for a great happily ever after." (​NYT ​Bestselling Author Grace Burrowes)
Hidden Blessings
By Kim Cash Tate
$1.99 $9.49
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An uplifting and inspirational tale by bestselling author Kim Cash Tate! "With trademark understated elegance . . . (and) written with uncommon grace." (Publishers Weekly)
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