Make Me Whole
By R.C. Matthews
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"A powerful erotic romance novel that will make you think about the definition of love, family and what being whole really means." (The Romance Reviews)
Categories: Erotic Romance
Organizing for the Rest of Us
By Dana K. White
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With her humorous, lighthearted, easy-to-follow approach, bestselling author and declutter expert Dana K. White provides bite-size, workable solutions to break through every organizational struggle you have, for good!
Good Sex
By Jessica Graham
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"An honest, insightful guide to exploring your deepest desires ... Intimacy and pleasure begin with the individual. Good Sex is a wonderful guide." (Foreword Reviews)
Categories: Advice & How-to
Prison Time
By Shaun Attwood
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A gritty true-crime biography by bestselling author Shaun Attwood! (1100+ four- and five-star reviews on Amazon) "A terrifying insight into prison life" (UNILAD)
Categories: Biography
By Joshua David Bellin
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A mind-bending time travelling sci-fi thriller by bestselling author Joshua David Bellin! “High-octane whirlwind thriller…like a Mission Impossible or a Minority Report with the addition of time-travel.” (Library Journal)
Slender Man
By Anonymous
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"Chilling, eerie, and addictively readable, Slender Man is a unique spine-tingling story and a brilliant and frightening look at one of the most fascinating--and diabolical--mythical figures in modern times." (Criminal Element)
Categories: Horror, Fantasy
A Hex for Danger
By Esme Addison
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A fun and clever fantasy by Agatha award nominated author Esme Addison! “A smashing start to an enchanting new series that has humor, heart, and magic in a tale of self-discovery, new beginnings, and family.” (Manhattan Book Review)
Categories: Fantasy, Mystery
Christmas After Dark - 36 Holiday Ghost Stories & Supernatural Thrillers
By Arthur Conan Doyle
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A can't-miss collection of 36 dark classic Christmas mysteries and horror tales from masters like Arthur Conan Doyle, J. M. Barrie, Nathaniel Hawthorne and more! Free today!