Best Mystery Books: 5 NYT Top Sellers for 2022


If you’re a mystery enthusiast, this 2022 line-up of New York Times Best Sellers is a must-read. Each book presents its unique twist on the genre, keeping you on the edge of your seat, your mind whirring, and your heart pounding in anticipation. As we close out 2022, if there are any books that slipped through your reading list, make sure these top five mysteries are not among them.

They offer a different perspective on the mystery genre, and their unique narratives will have you gripped from beginning to end. So, if you’re looking for your next thrilling read, don’t look any further. These must-read gems promise to transport you into worlds of suspense that will linger long after you’ve turned the last page.

Don’t Know Tough by Eli Cranor

Picture yourself in a small Southern town, where the lines between right and wrong are blurred. Eli Cranor’s Don’t Know Tough takes you on an extraordinary journey into the underbelly of a community and the secrets it holds. This thriller, with its intricate plot twists and turns, will keep you guessing until the very end. Cranor’s vivid characterizations and sense of place will have you feeling every humid breeze and smelling the deep-fried catfish as if you were there.

Don’t Know Tough by Eli Cranor delves deeper into the human psyche, exploring the enigma of survival in a town with its own set of rules. A town where the cliché ‘might is right’ is more than a saying, it’s a way of life. As the story unfolds, you are introduced to a variety of characters, each carefully crafted and deeply flawed, adding layers to the narrative. Cranor’s storytelling prowess shines as he weaves a tale of suspense and intrigue that will keep you hooked. The fine balance of gritty realism and the emotional depth of the characters make this a standout mystery novel. Don’t Know Tough is more than just a thrilling read; it’s an examination of how far people are willing to go to protect their own, making it an unmissable addition to any mystery lover’s bookshelf. Pick it up on Amazon here.

Portrait of a Thief by Grace D. Li

Transport yourself into the world of high-stakes art theft with Grace D. Li’s Portrait of a Thief. The narrative intertwines history, art, and suspense into a captivating tapestry of intrigue. Li’s meticulous research shines through, adding authenticity to this thrilling tale. You’ll find yourself entranced by the rich detail, rooting for the thieves, and lost in the larger-than-life heists they pull off.

Portrait of a Thief not only dives into the exciting world of art theft but also explores complex themes of identity, culture, and heritage. Grace D. Li effectively uses the world of art crime as a backdrop for probing questions about cultural heritage and ownership. As the protagonists steal and reclaim art for countries that have been historically plundered, the readers are challenged to consider the morality of such actions.

Li’s prose is precise yet poetic, painting a vivid picture of various international locales, intricate art pieces, and high-adrenaline theft operations. Her characters are well-rounded, their motivations nuanced and their relationships deeply human. The narrative manages to combine the brisk pace of a thriller with the thoughtful depth of a character study.

Portrait of a Thief skillfully blends the excitement of an action-packed adventure with an introspective exploration of the characters’ internal struggles. Li’s narrative is like a beautifully crafted piece of art itself – mesmerizing, thought-provoking, and utterly unforgettable. This is a must-read that takes the mystery genre to new heights, making it a valuable addition to any reader’s collection. Download a Kindle copy today!

Real Easy by Marie Rutkoski

Imagine an all-girls high school where everything is not as it seems. Marie Rutkoski’s Real Easy is a chilling, yet intriguing page-turner, that explores the dangerous consequences of secrets in a tightly-knit community. Rutkoski’s knack for building suspense will leave you questioning the motives of every character and turning the pages long past your bedtime.

Real Easy in Marie Rutkoski’s hands becomes a scintillating study of the dark undercurrents that run beneath the seemingly tranquil surface of an all-girls high school. The narrative is not just a mystery; it’s a deep-dive into the complexities of adolescent friendships, rivalry, and the pressures of growing up. Rutkoski’s writing is sharp and evocative, skillfully using the closed setting of the school to ramp up the tension and claustrophobia.

Rutkoski’s characters are realistically flawed and deeply relatable. As the story progresses, you find yourself immersed in their hopes, fears, and the deadly secrets they’re desperately trying to hide. The protagonist’s journey from innocence to a painful awareness of the world’s complexities forms the emotional core of the story.

Real Easy is a masterclass in suspense and character development. The balance between the detailed depiction of young girls’ lives and the relentless progression of the plot make it more than just a typical mystery novel. It’s a coming-of-age story wrapped in a cloak of suspense, making it a gripping and thought-provoking read. With Real Easy, Rutkoski has crafted a novel that is every bit as haunting as it is exhilarating, making it an unmissable title for mystery lovers. Get it on Amazon.

The Lost Kings by Tyrell Johnson

Dive into a post-apocalyptic world where the battle for survival unfolds in ways you’ve never imagined. Tyrell Johnson’s The Lost Kings blends elements of mystery, science fiction, and suspense, creating a unique, riveting experience. Johnson’s richly imagined world and complex characters will captivate you, as you navigate the chilling landscape alongside them.

The Lost Kings is an epic tale of survival in a world devastated by disaster. Johnson masterfully crafts a desolate yet eerily beautiful landscape that serves as the backdrop to his narrative. The stark realities of this harsh environment are vividly portrayed, making readers feel as though they are a part of this post-apocalyptic world. Johnson’s prose is as stark and harsh as the landscape he describes, reinforcing the sensation of desolation and the struggle for survival.

Johnson’s characters are intricately developed, each with their own pasts and secrets that gradually unravel as the story progresses. They are survivors, each battling their own demons while trying to navigate the challenges of the world they live in. The strong character development allows readers to fully invest in their journeys, making the stakes even higher as the plot unfolds.

The Lost Kings is more than a post-apocalyptic thriller; it’s a study of humanity’s resilience and the will to survive against all odds. It explores the lengths people will go to protect those they care about, and the sacrifices they are willing to make in order to ensure their survival.

Tyrell Johnson’s The Lost Kings is a standout novel in the post-apocalyptic genre, with its compelling narrative, complex characters, and vividly depicted world. Its engaging plot and the universal themes of survival and resilience will appeal to readers across different genres, making it a must-read. Amazon has it here.

Gangland by Chuck Hogan

Step into the ruthless world of crime and corruption with Chuck Hogan’s Gangland. This gripping tale of power, betrayal, and redemption will keep you hooked from the first page to the last. Hogan’s gritty depiction of life in the underworld, coupled with his masterful storytelling, makes Gangland an unmissable read.

Gangland is a raw and unflinching examination of the criminal underworld. Hogan dives deep into the machinations of organized crime, exposing its gritty realities and the people who navigate it. His characters are not just stereotypical gangsters; they are complex individuals, each shaped by their circumstances and the harsh world they inhabit.

One of the standout aspects of the novel is Hogan’s detailed exploration of the power dynamics within the gang. He delves into the nuances of loyalty and betrayal, authority and submission, and the constant struggle for power. His depiction of the violent, high-stakes world of organized crime is chillingly realistic, and the suspense is palpable throughout the narrative.

Hogan’s writing is evocative and immersive, pulling readers into the dark, shadowy corners of the criminal world. His mastery of dialogue, particularly the vernacular of his characters, adds an additional layer of authenticity, further immersing readers in this grim, dangerous world.

Gangland, with its relentless pacing, complex characters, and intricate plot, is a testament to Hogan’s prowess as a crime fiction writer. The novel is a thrilling journey into the heart of darkness that will captivate readers until the very last page. With Gangland, Hogan offers a fascinating glimpse into a world where the lines between morality and survival are blurred, and where every choice can be a matter of life and death. Here is the Amazon link.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, each of these narratives—whether set in a claustrophobic school environment, a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape, or the merciless underworld of organized crime—proves that the mystery genre is versatile, expansive, and perpetually captivating. All of these authors have demonstrated their adeptness in crafting intricate plots, complex characters, and suspenseful atmospheres that keep readers on the edge of their seats. They continue to push the boundaries of the genre, weaving tales that not only entertain but also provoke thought, challenge perceptions, and resonate on a deeper, human level. So, brace yourself for a literary roller-coaster ride with these titles, as they transport you to worlds brimming with suspense, intrigue, and gripping storylines. Whether you’re a seasoned mystery reader or a newcomer to the genre, these books promise an unforgettable journey, underlining the power and potential of mystery fiction.

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