Book Review: The Endlands

book review the endlands vol i by vincent hobbes

The Endlands is the first volume in a short horror story anthology featuring seventeen stories by twelve different authors. Many of the stories have a strong Twilight Zone feel, with unexpected endings and twists that will definitely shock you. This is a group of well-written little gems!

The first story, “Room 422,” takes what is a terrifying moment for any new parent—waiting for the birth of a first child—and turns it into something else entirely, while “Limbo, Population 458” will make you think twice about taking a detour on a roadtrip. “Finders Keepers” is a short but punchy little story about a hotel’s lost and found department, and what happens when a maid finds a human heart behind a nightstand, and “The Dragon of Delinar,” about a prosperous kingdom who is suddenly threatened by a dragon, leans more toward fantasy or science fiction—until the ending.  My favorite in the bunch is the creepy “Glass Prison.” When Sarah begins to have nightmares and see faces in the shadows, she’s not sure whether she should trust her husband or run from him, and the suspense and her own fear build to a satisfying, terrifying conclusion. All of these shorts are memorable!

For readers looking for variety in their horror stories, The Endlands will not disappoint! Since multiple authors contributed, you have not only a wide range of characters to populate your imagination, but a variety of styles and tones. I love short stories; it’s a great way to find a fab new-to-you author!

From a medieval-type setting to the near future to the far future, the stories don’t stick just to straight horror, but mix in other genres as well. There’s gore, suspense, and more than a few well-crafted images will stay with you long after you close this book!

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