Book Review: I’ve Been Deader

Book Review I’ve Been Deader by Adam Sifre

This Zombie book is so much fun! Ok, Comfort, Colorado is a creepy, terrifying place and I never, ever want to go there. But I sure do love the way I got to travel through so many rich, seemingly-unrelated stories that all came together in a satisfying, albeit gory, conclusion. An exceptionally well-written Horror tale; I loved it!

This novel is fabulously gross, gross, gross. The first chapter starts with a bang; poor reanimated Fred is just a hideous mess but aware enough to know the breather he spots out of his one good eye is the girl of his dreams. A zombie in love? Don’t worry, it doesn’t last. And then I got to thinking: It would really suck to be in love and not stand a chance with your beloved. Poor decomposing Fred definitely doesn’t, that’s for sure; I don’t even think another deader would have him. As the story unfolds, however, I so stopped feeling sorry for this horrible, ruthless creeper.

Adam Sifre is a very talented storyteller. There is so much going on, lots of interesting characters with incredibly original story lines and he brings it all together so beautifully. What a great adventure. And it’s laugh-out-loud funny, too. I’ve read a lot of zombie books and I have never heard the phrase droolie ghoulies. There’s some funny here. And the political stuff–comparing the zombie outbreak to a threat equal to ObamaCare. I don’t care what side you’re on; that’s funny, dude.

I’ve Been Deader is an awesomely disgusting and unputdownable book for Horror fans who love their zombies on the quirky side, their stories completely unique with a dash of well-placed humor, some unexpected twists and lots (I mean a TON!) of squirm-inducing ick. An excellent read; thank you, Mr. Sifre!

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