Book Review: Best New Zombie Tales, Vol. 1

Book review Best New Zombie Tales, Vol. 1, James Roy Daley, Editor

There’s wicked zombie goodness right here in this book, and it’s a must-read if you’re a zombie fan like I am. Seriously, don’t miss it; it belongs in every zombie fan’s collection. Each one of these tales is a horrific, well-written treat!

There are nineteen (yes, 19!) short stories in this generous anthology so there’s lots of zombie fun to be had. And the variety is awesome too; I love each author’s uniquely gruesome take. There are smart zombies, animal zombies, zombie mysteries and even a zombie love story. And it’s really nice to find a few new-to-me authors (Simon McCaffery, Robert Swartwood & John L. French) in the bunch who, after reading their short stories, I am really excited to see more of their work.

As a fan of Horror in general, I really like getting squicked out. And (wow!) did I get my fill here with tales like Fishing and SKN-3. Gross! I also love the touching and heartfelt Connections, about a father and his special son. Another standout is Paradise Denied, about a zombie who wants to find out who killed him. It’s so well-written that the characters jump off the page; this gem should be a full-length novel.

And then my favorite of the bunch: Pegleg and Paddy Save the World. It’s a dark and twisted story by Jonathan Maberry that tells a very different version of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. It’s gross, it’s funny, it’s fabulous!

This book is a true delight. If you’re looking for unique zombie stories and maybe even a few new-to-you horror authors, you will love this collection.

Get it on the Kindle: Best New Zombie Tales, Vol. 1

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