Book Review: Hair and Skin and Other Stories

Book Review Hair and Skin and Other Stories (Hall of Mirrors) by Mike Bennett

I am so excited to have found this author! Hair and Skin and Other Stories is a collection of three shorts by the talented Mike Bennett. These tales are wickedly, and delightfully, foul.

In my opinion the first story, Hair and Skin, made this collection worth it. Oh man, it’s disgusting! It’s about a guy with too much time and way too much money who decides he will do anything, and go to any lengths, to cure his baldness. It’s so freaking gross. I loved it!

Mr. Bennett is one of those rare authors who gets inside the reader’s head. His work is twisted, dark and yes, funny, too. He had me totally creeped out! And then, when it is almost too much, a character in his book made me laugh out loud. It’s really cool to get all of that in a horror story.

And speaking of characters, wow. They are so realistic, so relatable–albeit in a terrifying, nightmarish way. I would not want to meet any of these bad guys in person, that’s for sure; they scared the @!&^% out of me on paper!

This author has a gift and can really tell a tale. I feel so lucky to have stumbled on to his work. I enjoyed this anthology so much and now I can’t wait to read his novels!

Get it on Kindle: Hair and Skin and Other Stories (Hall of Mirrors)

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